Size categories are given as described at the Giant Tomatoes page.  In brief: Miniature:  < 1 oz.   Small:  1-5 oz.   Medium:  6-16 oz.   Large:  > 1 lb.    Big:  > 2 lbs.   Giant: > 3 lbs.    Super Giant: >5 lbs.
Days are given as: days from transplant to harvested ripe fruit / days from seed sowing to harvested ripe fruit.  See more discussion about days to maturity at the Growing Tomatoes page. As individual web pages are developed for each variety, hyperlinks will be included here, which will take you to multiple pictures and more detailed descriptions of each variety - see the Magnum page for an example.

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                           UPDATE: January 13, 2014

All tomato seeds harvested in 2014 are now ready for shipping.  See especially Blog entry, 2+ pound tomatoes Seeds of 1,169 varieties are now available for sale.  For a list of varieties of tomato seeds available, please see:
DT 2014 Tomato Seeds​​For a list of the BIG ones (> 2 lbs.) harvested in 2014, see:
DT BIG Tomato Harvest 2014
Still working on processing pictures (>28,000...), descriptions, etc.   For now, try:
Delectation of Tomatoes at Tatiana's TOMATOBase

Just click on variety names of interest and you'll be directed to a wealth of information and pictures.   

Here's an older list (still working on updates) List of Only Paste Tomatoes.
I'm starting to list these tomatoes - along with documentary photos, historical information and detailed descriptions - in a blog-type format at:  GIANT TOMATOES . Pics, descriptions and better navigation will be made as time permits.
1884, 14.21 oz. (Medium), 72/155 days.

Large, clear-skinned, somewhat irregularly
shaped fruits with compelling, old-fashioned heirloom flavor. Named for the “Great Flood” of 1884, from West Virginia. Reliable production, healthy, large indeterminate vines.
Abe Lincoln, 6.11 oz. (Medium), 110/193 days.

A good standard, medium-sized, red
heirloom tomato. Indeterminate, productive,
good flavor, excellent choice for canning,
Ace 55, 6.91 oz. (Medium), 108/193 days.

A commercial heirloom with
excellent yields of well formed,
6-12 oz. red fruits. Good strong,
tart tomato flavor with sweet
undertone. Determinate.
Amana Orange, 1.162 lb. (Large), 67/160 days.
Amazon Chocolate, 9.28 oz. (Medium), 44/137 days
Amish Paste, 7.20 oz. (Medium), 75/156 days
Ananas Noire, 14.37 oz. (Medium), 79/114 days
Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red, 8.86 oz. (Medium), 79/172 days
Anna Russian, 7.26 oz. (Medium), 79/162 days
Arkashin, 15.52 oz. (Medium), 74/157 days
Ashleigh, 8.61 oz. (Medium), 98/126 days
Aunt Ginny's Purple, 1.216 lb. (Large), 100/163 days
Aunt Ruby's German Green, 14.14 oz. (Medium), 97/160 days
Azoychka, 10.72 oz. (Medium), 79/114 days
Banana Legs, 1.76 oz. (Small), 56/157 days
Beam's Yellow Pear, 0.37 oz. (Mini), 77/99 days

Bear Claw, 1.226 lb. (Large), 99/194 days
Beefsteak, 6.66 oz. (Medium), 120/205 days
Behemoth King, 1.538 lb. (Large), 108/199 days
Believe It or Not, 1.224 lb. (Large), 70/152 days
Belmonte, 1.782 lb. (Large/Giant), 61/160 days

Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart, 1.140 lb. (Large), 86/142 days
Better Boy (F2), 10.59 oz. (Medium), 74/157 days
Bicolor Cherry, 0.11 oz. (Mini), 77/97 days
Big Beef (F2), 8.00 oz. (Medium), 83/NA days
Big Rainbow, 14.91 oz. (Medium/Large), 69/128 days
Big Zac (OP, F2-F7+) , 2.660 lb. (Big/Super Giant), 99/148 days.  80 days.
The BIG ONE! Dozens of growers have achieved 4, 5, 6, even 7.18 lbs. (3257 g) (Nick Harp, 2009)! With decent cultivation, most growers can expect several fruits in the 2-3 lb. range. Most fruits are huge, somewhat irregularly shaped red beefsteaks with the occasional double, triple or even larger fused fruits. Unlike some big tomatoes, this one has outstanding rich, sweet flavor and finished in the top 10 of DT's first tomato tasting event . Very productive – averaged about 35 lbs. per plant in 2011.
An outstanding, all-purpose tomato variety. Indeterminate, regular leaf, medium to large, very healthy plants. A little extra care may be needed to prevent fruit splitting.  Can produce ripe fruit within 70 days of transplant, 146 days from seed, but heavy production is later in the season. Largest in 2011 was 2.660 lbs.  Seeds offered here originate mostly from several private sources (parent fruits were mostly in the 3.5 to 5.5 lb. range) but only those seeds I raised are for sale.  Originally a hybrid, the genetic lines I grow are mostly at least fifth generation open-pollinated and are moderately stabilized, producing fruits and plants very similar to the original F1.  Selective breeding will continue in 2012 and beyond.
Bison, 8.19 oz. (Medium), 59/96 days
Black and Brown Boar, 3.20 oz. (Small), 77/97 days
Black Cherry, 0.40 oz. (Mini), 67/87 days
Black from Tula, 5.63 oz. (Small), 86/149 days
Black Giant, 10.30 oz. (Medium), 79/167 days
Black Krim, 14.59 oz. (Medium), 97/160 day
Black Mountain Pink, 1.560 lb. (Large), 112/184 days
Black Pear, 0.66 oz. (Mini), 108/NA days
Black Plum, 0.86 oz. (Mini), 79/89 days
Black Prince, 11.97 oz. (Medium), 87/150 days

Black Sea Man, 9.06 oz. (Medium), 57/131 days
Black, 14.88 oz. (Medium), 67/162 days
Blondköpfchen, 0.12 oz. (Mini), 79/113 days
Boxcar Willie, 6.50 oz. (Medium), 136/219 days
Brandywine, 12.19 oz. (Medium), 100/183 days
Brandywine, Heart-shaped, 15.23 oz. (Medium), 100/199 days
Brandywine, Pink, 1.062 lb. (Large), 77/170 days
Brandywine, Sudduth's, 1.322 lb. (Large), 99/167 days
Brandywine, True Black, 10.11 oz. (Medium), 69/152 days
Brandywine, White, 5.95 oz. (Small), 66/148 days
Brandywine, Yellow, 1.258 lb. (Large), 114/177 days
Brimmer, 13.60 oz. (Medium), 92/187 days
Burpee Supersteak (F2), 1.480 lb. (Large), 77/162 days
Carbon, 1.180 lb. (Large), 35/70 days
Carmello, 4.80 oz. (Small), 91/154 days
Carol Chyko's Big Paste, 13.18 oz. (Medium), 119/147 days
Casey’s Pure Yellow, 14.05 oz. (Medium), 93/113 days
Caspian Pink, 1.256 lb. (Large), 62/145 days
Celebrity (F2), 6.40 oz. (Medium), 64/130 days
Cherokee Purple, 13.18 oz. (Medium), 157/220 days
Cherry Roma, 0.22 oz. (Mini), 74/137 days
Chocolate Cherry, 0.46 oz. (Mini), 54/NA days
Church, 2.515 lb. (Big/Giant), 152/201 days
Cleota Pink, 2.108 lb. (Big), 93/121 days
Cold Set, 3.36 oz. (Small), 61/NA days
Copia, 1.226 lb. (Large), 98/126 days
Costoluto Fiorentino, 7.62 oz. (Medium), 83/166 days
Costoluto Genovese, 2.77 oz. (Small), 65/100 days
Crimson Cushion, 6.78 oz. (Medium), 95/123 days
Crnkovic Yugoslavian, 1.042 lb. (Large), 76/164 days
Cuostralée, 1.296 lb. (Large), 67/155 days
Da Costa's Portuguese, 1.388 lb. (Large), 64/147 days
Dagma's Perfection, 12.42 oz. (Medium), 91/165 days
Delicious, 1.328 lb. (Large/Super Giant), 108/193 days
Dinner Plate, 1.220 lb. (Large), 62/147 days
Dixie Golden Giant, 1.220 lb. (Large), 85/175 days
Djena Lee's Golden Girl, 7.36 oz. (Medium), 88/145 days
Druzba, 8.00 oz. (Medium), 64/155 days
Dr. Lyle, 1.094 lb. (Large), 100/158 days
Dr. Wyche's Yellow, 1.054 lb. (Large), 71/162 days
Dutchman, 1.148 lb. (Large), 112/184 days
Earl of Edgecombe, 5.98 oz. (Small), 70/160 days
Elmer's Old German, 1.116 lb. (Large), 76/172 days
Early Girl (F2), 5.49 oz. (Small), 57/NA days
Eva Purple Ball, 2.46 oz. (Small), 54/145 days
Florida Pink, 1.328 lb. (Large/Big), 109/167 days
Fourth of July (F2), 1.49 oz. (Small), 32/134 days
Fred Limbaugh Potato Top, 1.638 lb. (Large), 77/173 days
Galapagos, 0.21 oz. (Mini), 46/148 days
Garden Leader Monster, 6.37 oz. (Medium), 119/157 days
Garden Peach, 4.06 oz. (Small), 71/105 days
Georgia Streak, 1.050 lb. (Large), 81/177 days
German Head, 10.14 oz. (Medium), 71/157 days
German Johnson, 8.93 oz. (Medium), 76/162 days
German Red Strawberry, 1.300 lb. (Large), 69/165 days
German, 1.414 lb. (Large), 81/167 days
Giant Belgium, 12.51 oz. (Medium), 63/149 days
Giant of Siebenburgen, 1.492 lb. (Large), 91/177 days
Giant Syrian, 1.050 lb. (Large), 81/167 days
Gigantesque, 13.02 oz. (Medium), 71/157 days
Gold Medal, 3.01 oz. (Small/Giant), 119/139 days
Golden Rave, 1.42 oz. (Small), 54/NA days
Golden Sunray, 13.82 oz. (Medium), 74/165 days
Goldie, 1.176 lb. (Large), 63/159 days
Goldman's Italian-American, 1.026 lb. (Large), 81/118 days
Goliath (heirloom), 15.30 oz. (Medium), 81/177 days
Goliath, var. Pio (F2), 7.20 oz. (Medium), 56/142 days
Grand Belgium, 7.62 oz. (Medium), 119/147 days
Grandma Viney’s Yellow and Pink, 7.39 oz. (Medium), 119/139 days
Great White, 1.096 lb. (Large), 63/159 days
Green Giant, 1.292 lb. (Large), 92/187 days
Green Grape, 0.53 oz. (Mini), 93/167 days
Green Zebra, 4.45 oz. (Small), 93/156 days
Gregori's Altai, 1.050 lb. (Large), 53/139 days
Grushovka, 3.74 oz. (Small), 90/118 days
Haley's Purple Comet, 1.38 oz. (Small), 71/91 days
Hamson DX 52-12, 6.24 oz. (Medium), 82/NA days
Hawaiian Pineapple, 1.082 lb. (Large), 144/200 days
Heatwave, 5.09 oz. (Small), 76/NA days
Heidi, 1.82 oz. (Small), 110/201 days
Hillbilly, 1.320 lb. (Large), 98/165 days
Homer's German Oxheart, 1.738 lb. (Large), 61/147 days
Homestead #24, 11.04 oz. (Medium), 61/NA days
Hugh's, 1.160 lb. (Large), 91/177 days
Hungarian Heart, 1.272 lb. (Large), 65/167 days
Hungarian Italian, 3.07 oz. (Small), 80/171 days
Ildi, 0.27 oz. (Mini), 72/146 days
Illinois Beauty, 4.42 oz. (Small), 76/167 days
Ingegnoli Gigante Liscio, 8.67 oz. (Medium), 80/118 days
Isis Candy, 1.28 oz. (Small), 98/120 days
Ispolin, 8.29 oz. (Medium), 120/148 days
Italian Sweet, 1.188 lb. (Large), 138/210 days
Japanese Trifele, 8.77 oz. (Medium), 89/152 days
Jaune Flammée, 2.94 oz. (Small), 79/153 days
Jerry's German Giant, 1.076 lb. (Large), 76/114 days
Jersey Giant, 1.198 lb. (Large), 64/102 days
Jet Star, 7.36 oz. (Medium), 64/NA days
Joe's Portuguese, 15.26 oz. (Medium), 70/156 days
Jubilee, 7.20 oz. (Medium), 62/164 days
Juliet (F2), 0.62 oz. (Mini), 78/NA days
Kellogg's Breakfast, 1.350 lb. (Large), 86/149 days
Kentucky Beefsteak, 1.440 lb. (Large), 115/183 days
Kosovo, 10.78 oz. (Medium), 109/137 days
Large Barred Boar, 15.55 oz. (Medium), 98/118 days
Large Pink Bulgarian, 14.91 oz. (Medium), 76/162 days
Large Red and Black Boar, 7.30 oz. (Medium), 64/160 days
Lemon Boy, 8.16 oz. (Medium), 65/NA days
Lillian's Yellow Heirloom, 7.33 oz. (Medium), 104/167 days
Lutescent, 15.90 oz. (Medium), 119/147 days
Magnum, 1.482 lb. (Large), 91/187 days
Malakhitovaya Shkatulka, 11.65 oz. (Medium), 93/113 days.
Translates to "Malachite Box". Medium-sized (7-14 oz.) fruits are a distinctive lime green when ripening, turning a striped amber/yellow when fully ripe. Flesh is mottled yellow/green. Flavor is excellent: fruity, rich and mouth watering. Regular leaf, indeterminate vines yield well from 70 days until frost.
Manyel, 6.94 oz. (Medium), 91/182 days
Marianna's Peace, 12.13 oz. (Medium), 80/164 days
Marmande, 4.48 oz. (Small), 131/232 days
Martian Giant, 8.64 oz. (Medium), 61/146 days
Mexico, 1.250 lb. (Large), 107/193 days
Michael's Portuguese Monster, 1.932 lb. (Large/Giant), 84/170 days
Mong, 1.680 lb. (Large), 88/160 days
Moonglow, 8.35 oz. (Medium), 92/149 days
Mortgage Lifter, 8.70 oz. (Medium), 76/162 days
Moscow, 5.86 oz. (Small), 55/157 days
Mr. Underwood's Pink German Giant, 1.788 lb. (Large), 104/176 days
Mule Team, 1.136 lb. (Large), 65/151 days
Nature’s Riddle, 1.382 lb. (Large), 93/113 days
Nebraska Wedding, 5.50 oz. (Small), 76/167 days
Neves Azorean Red, 15.52 oz. (Medium/Large), 58/144 days
Nile River Egyptian, 5.28 oz. (Small), 119/147 days
Noire de Crimmee, 4.58 oz. (Small), 63/165 days
Nuits Australes, 9.63 oz. (Medium), 88/151 days
Old German, 15.07 oz. (Medium), 80/166 days
Old Time Red and Yellow, 13.14 oz. (Medium), 95/123 days
Olena Ukranian, 10.24 oz. (Medium/Giant), 80/166 days
Oleyar's German, 1.178 lb. (Large), 76/172 days
Omar's Lebanese, 1.450 lb. (Large), 58/144 days
Opalka, 10.14 oz. (Medium), 69/160 days
Orange Banana, 3.14 oz. (Small), 119/139 days
Oregon Spring, 5.82 oz. (Small), 63/NA days
Oxheart, 1.232 lb. (Large), 84/170 days
Paul Robeson, 14.72 oz. (Medium), 65/127 days
Persimmon, 1.290 lb. (Large), 76/172 days
Phil's Fantastic, 1.410 lb. (Large), 102/160 days
Pineapple, 1.118 lb. (Large), 67/153 days
Pink Cadillac (F2), 7.87 oz. (Medium), 77/NA days
Pink Grapefruit, 6.21 oz. (Medium), 81/144 days
Pink Peach, 0.83 oz. (Mini), 119/147 days
Pink Thai Egg, 0.90 oz. (Mini), 77/105 days
Pirkstine Orange, 2.85 oz. (Small), 98/126 days
Ponderosa Pink, 5.54 oz. (Small), 76/162 days.
Porkchop, 6.77 oz. (Medium), 119/139 days
Porterhouse (F2), 2.062 lb. (Big/Giant), 86/172 days
Principe Borghese, 0.38 oz. (Mini), 55/NA days
Pruden's Purple, 1.522 lb. (Large), 72/163 days
Prue, 2.05 oz. (Small), 119/147 days
Purple Calabash, 3.17 oz. (Small), 100/163 days
Purple Russian, 6.18 oz. (Medium), 73/159 days
Purple Smudge, Orange Fleshed, 6.27 oz. (Medium), 130/193 days
Pusztakolosz, 1.446 lb. (Large), 86/172 days
Rebecca Sebastian's Bull Bag, 1.444 lb. (Large/Giant), 86/166 days
Red Alert, 1.15 oz. (Small), 49/150 days
Red Fig, 0.27 oz. (Mini), 88/150 days
Red Grape, 0.21 oz. (Mini), 58/NA days
Red Lightning (F2), 2.53 oz. (Small), 107/193 days
Red Pear, 0.27 oz. (Mini), 82/NA days
Reverend Morrow's Long Keeper, 4.11 oz. (Small), 110/187 days
Richardson, 8.38 oz. (Medium), 140/226 days
Riesentraube, 0.54 oz. (Mini), 74/137 days
Roma, 2.80 oz. (Small), 80/166 days
Rosalie's Big Rosy, 1.000 lb. (Large), 76/110 days
Rosalie's Early Orange, 1.016 lb. (Large), 63/97 days
Rose Quartz, 0.30 oz. (Mini), 48/110 days
Rose, 12.77 oz. (Medium), 65/99 days
Russian 117, 1.284 lb. (Large), 76/162 days
Russian, 2.010 lb. (Big), 110/182 days
Rutgers, 5.92 oz. (Small), 60/144 days
Saint Pierre, 7.33 oz. (Medium), 64/150 days
Sandul Moldovan, 13.41 oz. (Medium), 98/161 days
San Marzano, 5.44 oz. (Small), 80/165 days
San Marzano Redorta, 8.83 oz. (Medium), 78/155 days
Sara's Galapagos, 0.04 oz. (Mini), 71/105 days
Schimmeig Striped Hollow, 2.78 oz. (Small), 63/154 days
Shuntukski Velikan, 13.70 oz. (Medium), 104/168 days
Sicilian Saucer, 13.22 oz. (Medium), 92/160 days
Shirley S, 14.56 oz. (Medium), 119/183 days
Silvery Fir Tree, 2.64 oz. (Small), 67/95 days
Slankard's, 1.530 lb. (Large), 76/178 days
Snow White, 0.86 oz. (Mini), 63/165 days
Soldacki, 1.008 lb. (Large), 76/167 days
Striped Cavern, 9.50 oz. (Medium), 64/155 days
Striped German, 12.00 oz. (Medium), 107/198 days
Stump O' The World, 1.018 lb. (Large), 91/182 days
Stupice, 1.44 oz. (Small), 21/123 days
Sugary, 0.29 oz. (Mini), 23/NA days
Sungella, 1.92 oz. (Small), 89/109 days
Summer Cider Apricot, 15.55 oz. (Medium), 71/167 days
Sungold (F2), 0.24 oz. (Mini), 41/NA days
Sunset's Red Horizon, 11.33 oz. (Medium), 92/148 days
Sunsugar (F2), 0.34 oz. (Mini), 69/143 days
Super Fantastic, 10.66 oz. (Medium), 80/NA days
Sweet 100, 0.21 oz. (Mini), 51/NA days
Super Sweet 100, 0.21 oz. (Mini), 49/NA days
Sweet Carneros Pink, 4.34 oz. (Small), 93/113 days
Sweet Tangerine (F2, F3), 7.10 oz. (Medium), 58/160 days
Sylvan Gaume, 1.416 lb. (Large), 87/159 days
Tangella, 1.92 oz. (Small), 83/139 days
Tennessee Britches, 2.34 oz. (Small), 112/140 days
Tidwell German, 1.178 lb. (Large), 72/149 days
Tiffen Mennonite, 1.234 lb. (Large), 76/167 days
Tigerella, 1.73 oz. (Small), 58/160 days
Tim's Black Ruffles, 6.82 oz. (Medium), 108/171 days
Todd County Amish, 1.936 lb. (Large), 107/203 days
Tondino Maremmano, 2.08 oz. (Small), 61/151 days
Ultimate Giant, 7.71 oz. (Medium), 104/162 days
Unknown #1, Black, 'U2' Knox, 6.56 oz. (Medium), 72/158 days
Unknown #2, Coyote? 'Ghost Cherry' LBH, 0.10 oz. (Mini), 73/130 days
Unknown #3, 'Large Paste', PGH, 4.86 oz. (Small), 64/155 days
Monomakh's Hat Unknown #4, 'Monomakh's Hat', Amishland, 13.86 oz. (Medium), 34/130 days
Unknown #5, Bicolor 'Cherokee Purple' Burpee, 1.028 lb. (Large), 108/135 days
Unknown #6, Bicolor 'Northern Delight' TomatoFest, 14.69 oz. (Medium), 76/178 days
Urbikany, 1.09 oz. (Small), 59/161 days
Velue Strieé, 2.62 oz. (Small), 89/109 days
Verna Orange, 1.062 lb. (Large), 39/135 days
Vintage Wine, 9.70 oz. (Medium), 58/144 days
Violaceum Krypni-Rozo, 6.34 oz. (Medium), 119/147 days
Virginia Sweets, 2.218 lb. (Big), 88/179 days
Viva Italia (F2), 2.34 oz. (Small), 54/145 days
Vorlon, 14.53 oz. (Medium), 84/104 days

One of the earliest "black" varieties, Vorlon is closer to a brown color, with most tomatoes in the 8-14 oz. range. Flavor is outstanding: rich, smooth and luscious. This is an accidental, stabilized cross between two outstanding heirlooms - Cherokee Purple and Pruden’s Purple. Indeterminate, potato-leaf vines are very productive. Documented 104 days from seed to first ripe tomatoes, but plan on about 70 days from transplant to first ripe fruit.
Voyage, 1.47 oz. (Small), 138/201 days
Wapsipinicon Peach, 2.03 oz. (Small), 89/117 days
Watermelon Beefsteak, 9.86 oz. (Medium), 169/227 days
West Virginia 63, 5.02 oz. (Small), 60/146 days
West Virginia Sweetmeat, 1.352 lb. (Large), 70/170 days
White Tomesol, 12.90 oz. (Medium), 99/162 days
White Wonder, 1.268 lb. (Large), 77/173 days
Whopper, Park's CR Improved (F2), 2.91 oz. (Small), 58/160 days
William's Striped, 7.68 oz. (Medium), 140/231 days
Woodle Orange, 15.10 oz. (Medium), 89/152 days
Yellow Pear, 0.29 oz. (Mini), 81/NA days
Zapotec Pleated, 8.86 oz. (Medium), 109/137 days
Zogola, 11.30 oz. (Medium), 76/167 days
Zore's Big Red, 1.278 lb. (Large), 78/164 days
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Abe Lincoln
Ace 55
Aker's West Virginia
Albenga Oxheart
Amana Orange
Amazon Chocolate
Amish Paste
Amy's Sugar Gem
Ananas Noire
Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red
Angelo's Red
Anmore Dewdrop
Anna Russian
Arkansas Traveler
Aunt Gertie's Gold
Aunt Ginny's Purple
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Babushkin Secret
Banana Legs
Barlow Jap
Beam's Yellow Pear
Bear Claw
Beauty King
Beefmaster (F1)
Behemoth King
Believe It or Not

Berea German
Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart (3 variants)
Bernardini Paste
Better Boy (F2)
Bicolor Cherry
Big Beef (F2)
Big Beef (OP)
Big Bill
Big Rainbow
Big Zac (OP) - all the GIANT lines!
Big Zebra
Black and Brown Boar
Black Bear
Black Cherry
Black Ethiopian
Black from Tula
Black Giant
Black Krim
Black Mountain Pink
Black Pear (Off-type)
Black Plum
Black Prince
Black Sea Man
Black Zebra
Blaue Helarios
Bloody Butcher
Blosser (NOTE: Off-type, orange fruits, not pink)
Boxcar Willie
Brad's Black Heart
Brandywine, Cowlick's
Brandywine, Heart-shaped
Brandywine, Pink
Brandywine, Sudduth's
Brandywine, True Black
Brandywine, White
Brandywine, Yellow
Brazilian Beauty
Brutus Magnum
Bulgarishe Rosa Riese
Bull's Heart
Burpee Big Boy (F2)
Burpee Supersteak (F2)
Burracker's Favorite
Butler Skinner
Carol Chyko's Big Paste
Casey’s Pure Yellow
Caspian Pink  
Celebrity (F2)
Chapman Special
Cherokee Purple
Cherry Roma
Chianti Rose
Chocolate Beefsteak
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Stripes
Claude Brown's Yellow Giant
Cleota Pink
Cold Set
Cosmonaut Volkov
Costoluto Fiorentino
Costoluto Genovese
Crimson Cushion
Crnkovic Yugoslavian
Da Costa's Portuguese
Dad's Mug
Dagma's Perfection
Dancing with Smurfs (in development)
Dawson's Russian Oxheart - see Blog entry
De Weese Streaked
Delicious - Including all the GIANT lines!
Depp's Pink Firefly
Dice's Black Mystery
Dikaya Rosa
Dinner Plate
Dixie Golden Giant
Djena Lee's Golden Girl
Don Camillo
Dr. Buresh Pink Italian
Dr. Lyle
Dr. Wyche's Yellow
Dwarf Stone
Earl of Edgecombe
Earl's Faux
Early Girl (F2)
Egg Yolk
El Dorado
Elmer's Old German
Emerald Evergreen
Eva Purple Ball
Everett's Rusty Oxheart
Flathead Monster Pink
Florida Pink
Fourth of July (F2)
Fourth of July (OP)
Frank's Large Red
Fred Limbaugh Potato Top
Gajo De Melon
Garden Leader Monster (F2)
Garden Peach
Gary O'Sena
George's Greek Beefsteak
Georgia Streak
German Giant
German Head
German Johnson
German Queen
German Red Strawberry
Giant African
Giant Belgium
Giant of Siebenburgen
Giant Syrian
Giant Tree
Gigant Pelina
Gigant-10 Novikova
Gildo Pietroboni
Girl Girl's Weird Thing
Giuseppe's Big Boy
Gold Medal
Golden King of Siberia
Golden Rave
Golden Sunray
Goldman's Italian-American
Goliath (Heirloom)  
Goliath, 'Pio' (F2)
Goose Creek​

Gourmet Heirloom Blend
Grand Belgium
Grandfather Ashlock
Grandma Viney’s Yellow and Pink
Great White
Green Doctors
Green Doctors Frosted
Green Giant
Green Grape
Green Velvet
Green Zebra
Gregori's Altai
Grub's Mystery Green
Haley's Purple Comet
Hamson DX 52-12
Hawaiian Pineapple
Hazel Mae
Hege German Pink
Heinz 1439 (F1)
Homer's German Oxheart
Homestead #24
Huang Se Chieh
Hungarian Heart
Hungarian Italian  
Illinois Beauty
Indian River
Ingegnoli Gigante Liscio
Isis Candy
Italian Giant
Italian Giant Beefsteak
Italian Heart
Italian Heirloom
Italian Sweet
Italian Tree
Japanese Pink
Japanese Trifele
Jaune Flammée
JD's Special C Tex
Jeffersen Giant
Jerry's German Giant
Jersey Devil
Jersey Giant
Jet Star
Joe's Pink Oxheart
Joe's Portuguese
JP Cherry (F2)
Juliet (F2)
Kellehers Oxheart
Kellogg's Breakfast
Kentucky Beefsteak
Kentucky Pink Stamper
Khlebosolnye (aka Salt and Bread; Hospitable)
Kilo della Garfagnana
King Pineapple
Korol Gigant
Korol Sibiri
Lara's Giant
Large Barred Boar
Large Pink Bulgarian
Large Red
Large Red and Black Boar
Lattanzio Pendulous (off-type)
Leadbeatter's Lunker
Ledoux Special
Lemon Boy
Lemon Drop
L'Espagnol Lefebvres
Lillian's Yellow Heirloom
Lincoln Gold
Livingston's Giant Oxheart
Lucky Cross
Ludmilla's Red Plum
Lyubimyi Prazdnik
Madison County Pink
Magnum Beefsteak
Malakhitovaya Shkatulka
Mammoth Cretan
Mammoth German Gold
Maria Amaziletei's Giant Red
Marianna's Peace
Marizol Gold
Marlowe Charleston
Martian Giant
Marvel Stripe
Mary Robinson's German Bicolor
Mayo's Delight

Mémé Beauce
Michael Pollan
Michael's Portuguese Monster
Missouri Pink Love Apple
Moldovan Green
Monkey Ass
Monomakh's Hat (off-type)
Mortgage Lifter
Mortgage Lifter, Radiator Charlie's
Mr. Stripey
Mr. Underwood's Pink German Giant
Mrs. Maxwell's Big Italian
Mule Team
Mushroom Basket
Myowna Orange
Nature’s Riddle
Nebraska Wedding
Neves Azorean Red
Nile River Egyptian
Noire de Crimmee
Northern Delight
Nuits Australes
Oaxacan Jewel
Old German
Old Time Red and Yellow
Olena Ukrainian
Oleyar's German
Omar's Lebanese
Orange Banana
Orange Minsk
Orange Oxheart
Orange Strawberry
Orangevyi Gigant
Oregon Spring
Orenburg Giant
Orlov Yellow
Orlovskie Rysaki
Osburn Oxheart
OSU Blue
Owens Purple
Oxheart Giantissimo
Pamyati Korneeva
Paul Robeson
Pearly Pink
Peter Glazebrook's Special
Phil's Fantastic
Pierce's Pride
Pink Berkeley Tie-dye
Pink Cadillac (F2)
Pink Elephant
Pink Grapefruit
Pink Icicle
Pink Peach
Pink Thai Egg
Pirkstine Orange
Plate Du Portugal
Polish Giant
Ponderosa Pink
Porterhouse (F2)
Portuguese Monster
Principe Borghese
Pruden's Purple
Purple Calabash
Purple Haze
Purple Russian
Purple Smudge, Orange Fleshed
Puszta Kolosz
Rebecca Sebastian's Bull Bag
Red Alert
Red Barn
Red Boar
Red Fig
Red Grape
Red Lightning (F2)
Red Pear
Red Penna
Reif Italian Heart
Reverend Morrow's Long Keeper
Rhoades Heirloom
Rio Grande
Rosalie's Big Rosy
Rosalie's Early Orange
Rose Beauty
Rose Quartz
Rowdy Red
Rozovyi Gigant
Rozovyi Myod aka Pink Honey
Russian 117
Saint Pierre
Sakharnyi Zheltyi
San Marzano
San Marzano Redorta
Sandul Moldovan
Sara Black
Sara's Galapagos
Schimmeig Striped Hollow
Schwarze Sarah
Serdtse Buivola
Shilling Giant
Shirley S
Shuntukski Velikan
Siberian Giant
Sicilian Saucer
Silvery Fir Tree
Snow White
Sophie's Choice
Strawberry Margarita
Striped Cavern
Striped German
Stump of the World
Sugary (F2)
Summer Cider Apricot
Sungold (F2)
Sungold (F3)
Sungold Select II
Sunset's Red Horizon
Sunsugar (F2)
Super Beefsteak
Super Fantastic
Super Marmande
Super San Marzano
Super Sweet 100 (F2)
Sweet 100
Sweet Carneros Pink
Sweet Olive (F2)
Sweet Tangerine (F3)
Sylvan Gaume
Tasmanian Chocolate
Tennessee Britches
Tennessee Surprise
Texas Star
Thunder Creek
Tibet Appel
Tidwell German
Tiffen Mennonite
Tim's Black Ruffles
Todd County Amish
Tondino Maremmano
Top Sirloin
Tri Tolstyaka
Tuxhorn's Red And Yellow
Tyazheloves Sibri
Ultimate Giant
Van Wert Ohio
Vechnyi Zov
Velue Strieé
Verna Orange
Vinson Watts
Vintage Wine
Violaceum Krypni Rozo
Violet Jasper
Virginia Sweets
Viva Italia (F2)
Wapsipinicon Peach
Watermelon Beefsteak
West Virginia 63 - SOLD OUT for 2014, e-mail if you want a small sample, about 4 seeds, but I can no longer fill full orders.
West Virginia Sweetmeat
Wheatley's Frost Resistant
White Oxheart
White Tomesol
White Wonder
Whopper, Park's CR Improved (F2)
William's Striped
Wolford Wonder
Woodle Orange
Yellow Cookie
Yellow Pear
Yellow Ruffled
Yoder's German Pink
Yoder's German Yellow
Yubileynyi Tarasenko
Zapotec Pleated
Zeke Dishman
Zolotoy Byk
Zolotye Kupola (off-type)
Zore's Big Red
Looking just for seeds from documented GIANT tomatoes?  This is the place!
Brilliant orange, blemish free, medium-sized (6-10 oz.) fruits have an excellent, lively flavor.  Regular leaf vines are determinate but quite productive over 2-3 weeks.  Considered to be a very rare, Chinese heirloom variety, the name translates to "extraordinarily yellow".
0.642 lb. 8-18-2012
Unprecedented winner (2011) and runner-up (2012) of Seed Saver's Exchange's annual tomato tasting event. Compelling rich, sweet, but not overpowering flavor lingers pleasantly. Clear skin, most fruits are around 0.5 lb. and well formed. Productive, regular leaf, indeterminate vines, 71 days.
Grub's Mystery Green
Medium-sized (5-10 oz.) green-when-ripe tomatoes have outstanding, fruity flavor. Potato leaf, indeterminate vines produce abundantly, from as early as 55 days after transplanting.
Following is a list of varieties from which seeds were collected in 2012.
Here is a link to the list of varieties from which seeds were collected in 2013:
DT Tomato Seeds 2013
​​Note that the spreadsheet has 5 tabs.
Here is a link to the list of varieties from which seeds were collected in 2014 :
DT Tomato Seeds 2014​
Note that the spreadsheet has 5 tabs.​​
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