Following is a list of 304‚Äč (and counting...) tomato varieties that have been reported or advertised to reach TWO POUNDS or more in weight.  Delectation of Tomatoes has seeds in stock of many of these (indicated by "Seeds" in Note column).

Please send in your documentation (see the BIG Tomato Challenge for details) if you know of any tomatoes that exceeded the weights shown here.  Presumably, not a single one of these should have "DT" as the grower of the largest specimen! Highlighted weights indicate an "Official" weight which has met the following criteria.

1.  The tomato was weighed on a certified scale
2.  A picture of the tomato on the scales has been published electronically
3.  The tomato was entered in a virtual or in-person competition so that a judge of some sort has verified the identity, weight, soundness, oneness and grower of the tomato.
4.  The grower has provided a statement, somewhere, indicating that he/she grew the tomato, what the variety is, and where the seed was obtained.

Note that these requirements are not as strict as those for county, state, national, or world records, nor for most of the major in-person competitions which are held every year around the world.

I will be glad to post maximum weights of any variety, even with just a statement like "I grew variety X to 3.65 lbs. in 2009".  But in fairness to those who have made the effort to get their acheivements documented, any fully documented weight takes precedence over any claimed weight for each variety.  I, and many others, are very interested in seeing what each variety is capable of producing.  So, as part of your conribution, please provide whatever documentation you might have.

Those with "2015" in the Note column means we have seeds now and will be growing these out in 2015.

We are in search of a good source for those indicated by "WANT" in the Note column - please send e-mail if you know of one.  Also, please send e-mail if you know of other varieties that should be added to this list!!  Thanks!!
Please help us fill in this chart! Send your documentation, pics and links via e-mail.